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Salt liquids for vaping is one of the latest developments in vape technologies. This liquid has an acidity (pH) similar to that of the human body, so nicotine is absorbed faster by the body. This allows you to achieve a feeling of fullness much faster. Such a composition has a high rating among buyers: it is especially popular with heavy smokers, since it can be used to reduce the time for a smoke break.

UFOGS vape shop offers to buy salt liquids for POD systems and MTL. Our catalog contains salt juice with different flavors: you can choose classic tobacco options, juice fruit mixes or some exotic tastes like cucumber.

Features of salt nicotine
Nicotine salts are a separate type of nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves. In comparison with the classic (it is also called alkaline, or freebase) nicotine, which is familiar to every vaper, salt is a more complex chemical compound and contains, in addition to the substance itself, other organic components. Such an assumption leads to the formation of a stable molecule with a low level of acidity, which is easier for the body to absorb and more quickly penetrates into the human circulatory system.

The acid balance also directly affects such important parameters as the concentration of nicotine and a blow to the throat — when using freebase nicotine, the aerosol formed will contain a much larger amount of it, and it will not be very pleasant to inhale such a liquid. At the same time, due to its softness, the concentration of nicotine salts in e-liquid for electronic cigarettes can reach higher values, and the liquids themselves will be much more pleasant for vaping.

Among the benefits of salts, it is worth noting:

Minimum consumption. Since such nicotine is absorbed faster, a few puffs are enough to saturate.
Compatible with any low-power devices. These formulations are designed specifically for low-power electronic cigarettes.
Pure taste. The liquids are distinguished by good taste transfer, and are in no way inferior to ordinary nicotine in this.

In our catalog you will surely find a salt liquid with a suitable flavor and strength. We offer the best Russian products with an excellent quality and fair price.

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