E-juice and e-liquids for ecigs in Croatia

Have you ever tried a Russian liquid? We will help you to get a unique e-juice for reasonable price.

Shipments with juice for electronic cigarettes usually come in 7-10 calendar days (sometimes faster) via Hrvatska pošta to your local office. All packages are trackable and you can trace every stage of delivery: from posting in Russia to post office arrival in Croatia.

All packages are discrete and declared as aromas or other stuff not related to vape. We have already shipped a lot of packages with e-liquids to Croatia. Each of them had no customs problems.

We offer juice with nicotine options from 0 mg/ml (nicotine-free) to 36 mg/ml. We use salt nicotine, it is very mild and has almost no throat hit (TH). If you want to add TH, then you can buy nicotine-free liquid and to add another harder. We offer Chempoint (medium TH) and RTS Vapes (strong TH).

Prices for our e-liquids are starting from USD $5 per 30 ml or $8 per 60 ml. You also get 10% of the order back as bonus points, which you can spend on the next order.

E-juice and e-liquids in Croatia

7-10 days via Hrvatska pošta

We declare e-liquids as stuff not related to vape to hide the real content form customs and postal workers.

If the package will be lost, damaged by post or held by customs, we will refund or resend in any case.

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