What components are used in the e-liquids?

There are 2 main components, known as «base». It is Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol also known as VG and PG.

VG is a viscous liquid used to make vapor. More Glycerine — more vapor. 

PG is much more fluid than VG. but more viscous than water. It is used as an aroma and nicotine carrier. Also PG lowers juice boiling point. Use high PG liquids with low wattage devices.

Different vapers prefer diverse VG/PG ratio. For freebase juices the most popular is VG70/PG30 ratio. For salt liquids the standart is 50/50.

Aromas are the key components of the liquid. They are food flavoring that make the taste and the price of juice. Some vendors make mono-aroma liquids, some make complex juices with up to 10 flavors.

Nicotine is an optional component. Keep in mind that it is a harmful substance. There is 2 mg of nicotine in an average cigarette. So vaping of 1 ml of 12mg liquid is equal to 6 analog cigs. We sell 0 mg liquids and encourage you to use them instead of nicotine ones.

Freebase nicotine is the regular nicotine that is popular since the beginning of vape. It usually has a good throat hit.

Salt nicotine is quite new in vaping world. Nic salts provide a blood absorption rate closer to an actual cigarette. They have a smoother throat hit allowing you to vape higher nicotine concentrations. But be aware: less throat hit can overwhelm you by too much nicotine. They are also used with pod or sub ohm devices.

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